July 2015

With Data Merge, make and send training programs in a flash

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Karen is an accomplished triathlete who has transformed her passion for sports into a business training children in running, cycling and swimming. She caters to different age groups, from seven-year-olds to teens, so her training programs have to be personalized.

Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 10.45.31Always looking for the most efficient way to get things done, Karen will appreciate Data Merge. It’s an add-on that works with Google Docs and Google Sheets, that lets the user create documents with individualized details taken from information listed on a spreadsheet.

Karen will make a template document, similar to the image at left.

Then with the Data Merge add-on, she will link it to her spreadsheet. (See image below.)

She can choose to have her docs as PDF files, and she can even send these out as emails to her customers’ parents. That’s it! She’s on her way to helping a new batch of young athletes conquer the Ironman.

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 09.26.26

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You can also use Data Merge for:

  • Thank-you letters
  • Monthly employee reporting
  • Events invitations
  • Monthly customer invoicing
  • Classroom evaluation reports
Apol MassebieauWith Data Merge, make and send training programs in a flash
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Inventory Merge lets you build a suppliers directory in one click

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Joan is an events organizer working with three teams involved in different projects, each one as varied as weddings, brand launches and charity nights.

Her suppliers’ contacts are managed – or rather, not managed – on slips of paper, notebooks, and mainly in her team leader’s mobile phone contacts. If one of them decides to leave the organization, then he’ll be taking with him a whole list of reliable caterers, photographers, florists, invitation printers, souvenir manufacturers, lighting crews and DJs – the backbone of Joan’s business.

Joan is not a fan of paperwork, but we think she’ll appreciate the ease of using Inventory Merge. It’s a Google Sheet add-on that wizy.io has developed to make collecting spreadsheet info much easier.

Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 08.54.18All Joan has to do is first make a spreadsheet with column heads containing the information she wants from her team leaders. She’ll probably write Service Provided, Supplier Name, Billing Address, Tel. No. and E-mail. Then she creates a hierarchy, where she organizes how she wants the info to flow. In this case, it’ll be pretty simple. She’ll want each of her three team leaders to fill up a copy of the spreadsheet, so her hierarchy will just be composed of a single level, with three people on it, almost identical to the figure on the left.

Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 16.49.05She starts her Inventory Merge add-on (it looks like the image on the right), and sends the spreadsheet out to her team leaders. The team leaders fill up their spreadsheet, crank up their Inventory Merge add-on, and send a note to Joan to tell her that the task is done.

To finish everything, Joan doesn’t have to take much time away from the networking tasks that she loves and that have made her such a success. All it takes is a few seconds. The time it takes for Joan to click on the Consolidate button and for her Inventory Merge add-on to put together those many years worth of data into a single spreadsheet and stock it in her Google Drive.

Now she has her main supplier directory. What she never had the energy for is finally done. What could have taken days of email and phone call back-and-forth is accomplished in a snap.

Try Inventory Merge right now by clicking here.

Or schedule a free demo.

You can also use Inventory Merge for:

  • Hardware stocktaking
  • Software and licences inventory
  • Marketing campaigns results reporting
  • Partners, resellers, sellers, main customers general information collection
  • Points of sales inventory
  • Students general information inventory
  • So much more…
Apol MassebieauInventory Merge lets you build a suppliers directory in one click
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