March 2016

How to Snooze emails and take control of Gmail

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I bet that at least once, you have let an important email slip, not because you’ve been negligent, but because it simply got lost in the pile of everything else inside your Gmail. Technology research firm Radicati says that, this year, each one of us will be receiving an average of 90 emails a day. That is a lot of messages to wade through!

To the rescue is’s Snooze function. It will help you prioritize your emails, so that you act on the messages that you can tackle right now, and then schedule the rest for later. What it does is that it gives you the ability to temporarily take an email out of your inbox, for delivery later, when  you know you can pay attention to it. The snoozed email will then appear right at the top of your Gmail inbox, where you can’t miss it.

When you open an email, you will see the green Snooze Email button on the top menu. Click on this button, and another menu will appear. This one allows you to set a time for when you want to deal with the email. There are five pre-set scheduling options, but you can also pick the exact time you want. You can add a note to yourself about the email you are snoozing.


Sometimes, you don’t need to open an email to know that you can only deal with it at a later time. In these cases, you can snooze the email right from your list of incoming mail. Click on the little clock icon that you see beside each one of your emails. The click will open the Snooze menu.

clock icon magnified

On the left of your Gmail, you will find a set of labels devoted to’s functions. Click on Snoozed Mail to see a list of all the emails you have snoozed. If you open one of these emails, you will see a yellow bar at the top of it. Click on Cancel if you want to stop the message’s snoozed status, or reschedule it by clicking on the green Snooze Email button.


On schedule, the Snoozed email will appear back as an incoming message inside your Gmail. Click and see that it begins with a snooze notice, including the note, if you wrote one. You’ll see the email that you snoozed as the first item in the  thread. Now is the time to work on it!

snooze notification for blog

It’s time to stop losing important emails. Try right now.

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Apol MassebieauHow to Snooze emails and take control of Gmail
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How to know if your emails are being read

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Raise your hand if you’re tired of writing, “Hi! I was wondering if you’ve had time to read my email…”

In a perfect world, everybody would reply to all the emails we send. That not being the case, the second best thing would be if we knew if and when our emails have been opened and read. It would save us the energy we spend wondering if our message got through, and the time it takes to compose a follow-up email.

This is totally possible with’s email tracking feature. How does it work? All you have to do is compose an email, and send it. That’s it. You don’t have to think about yet one more thing to add to your list of tasks because our Chrome extension will automatically track every email that you create. The check in the Track box at the lower left corner of your email confirms this. (What do you do if you don’t want to track a particular email? Just untick this box.)

Tracking-on-and-off-small-cropped will send you live notification informing you as soon as the person you are emailing opens your message.  Inside the live notification itself, you can do two things: (1.) Open the email that you are tracking. (2.)  Mute the conversation. You’ll then stop receiving the live notification, an option you may want if you emailed multiple recipients.



Information gets to you quick because an eye will appear next to every email you are tracking. The eye is grey if the email has not been opened. It turns green as soon as the email is read. The eye is also there right inside your email, in the upper right corner.


Now hover your mouse over the eye. A tool tip will give you the details you need, how many times the email has been opened and when.


One more place you can see tracking information is inside the sidebar. Here you have a summary. You’ll see a list of the tracked emails you have sent a particular contact, as well as the details of when he opened them.

contact sidebar

It’s time you stopped wondering if your emails are being read. Try right now.

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Apol MassebieauHow to know if your emails are being read
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How to track emails sent from Gmail

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Freelance production manager Alex organizes video projects ranging from short films to commercials. To keep a project running, he periodically sends emails to the designers, suppliers and crew attached to it. He informs each one of schedules and requirements, and asks them for progress reports.

Wondering if his emails have been read always stresses him out. He loses precious time sending follow-up messages. He is tired of asking for confirmation that the information he sent was received.

With, Alex can now say goodbye to the stress. The app will track his emails, telling him in real time as each email is opened.  

Now Alex can concentrate on his primary task of making sure his films and commercials get shot.

If you also want to stop wondering about your emails, click the button below and get the app for free.

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Apol MassebieauHow to track emails sent from Gmail
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