How I use the Gmail app to sell my handmade products

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This is the second of 2 articles on how a former Etsy seller uses the Gmail app to manage her communication. The first part can be found here.

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I use the Gmail app not only to manage my daily emails, but also to send sales campaigns. Last holiday season, for example, I used the app’s mail merge function to send personalized bulk emails which increased my monthly sales by 20 percent.

By personalized bulk emails, I mean that I sent out 200 emails, with each email containing details unique to the client.

To begin, I wrote a simple email that consisted mainly of text reminding my clients of my products, plus one horizontal image. I personalized the first name in my email salutation.

I have a newsletter sent through Mailchimp to my mailing list subscribers. I downloaded the list of subscribers that showed the most engagement with my newsletters. I then uploaded this list as a CSV file into my app.

Maybe you’re asking, why not send those sales emails directly from Mailchimp? I find that emails sent from my Gmail account are more effective. The messages are opened more frequently, and I also get higher response rates.

Result: Because of the campaign, my holiday sales jumped up 20 percent.


Lately, I’ve been devoting time to using the app’s sidebar to organize the people I exchange emails with. The sidebar makes it easy to update the information that Google Contacts keeps on each one, and also to organize them into groups.

I have a group called Prospects now. These are people who have asked for information about my products, but who haven’t bought anything yet. I’m preparing a campaign to turn them into customers.

When I am ready, it will be easy for me to send them personalized emails. The app lets you use the Groups in your Google Contacts to send your bulk email campaigns.

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If you’d like to increase your sales, why not try the app? It’s absolutely free.

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Apol MassebieauHow I use the Gmail app to sell my handmade products

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