Why we think email productivity should be free

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Email has been around for 30 years. We have a love-hate relationship with it. It has been declared dead more times than is possible to count. Yet despite predictions, figures show a thriving platform that is not going anywhere any time soon.

Over 4.35 billion email accounts exist. There are an estimated 2.58 billion email users. Every hour, 122 trillion emails are sent. By any metric, the platform outcompetes any other. It is by far our most preferred way to share information.

Nonetheless, email hasn’t evolved much since its creation. Tracking, mail merge, reminders, snooze, and send later are features that should have been included a long time ago. This stagnation has given many opportunities to innovators who want to drag users outside of email.


Email productivity should be the platform where we build the next generation of communication software.

Too often users are stuck between two impossible solutions. Either they must pay an expensive price to upgrade 1 or 2 features of their email; or they pay even more for a solution outside of email. The decision is difficult to make. The user must ask: Should I pay for email tracking and template in Gmail? Should I buy a CRM? Or do I opt for a Slack-like service? If yes, what do I do with my external communication? Can I integrate my partners in the platform? believes that to create the next generation of  productivity software, we have to make email productivity tools available to everybody.

Users should not have to choose between advanced email features and another productivity software. All of these should be part of an integrated product.

That is why has decided to give its email productivity extension free.  

Mail merge, tracking, snooze, reminders, send later, contact management sidebar – all are 100% free for any individual or team user. Accessible to Gmail or Google for Work users, the extension is available at the Chrome Webstore starting now.

Join us in our mission to make email better.


Gilles MeiersWhy we think email productivity should be free

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