April 2016

How I use the Wizy.io Gmail app to manage my handmade business

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I’m what you would call a weekend entrepreneur. When I’m not writing content and looking after customers at the tech startup Wizy.io, I’m making and selling DIY kits for children.

I was an early adopter of the e-commerce platform Etsy. I signed up with my brand, La Pomme, in 2007. Back then I was living in a small village in France, far from the city. It made sense to sell my products online, directly to clients. Now that I’ve moved back to the city, the business has evolved. In Manila, the Philippines, my toys reach children mainly through birthday parties and art workshops.


What hasn’t changed is my use of email to conduct my business. I devote about 30 minutes every morning to writing emails. As I don’t  have much time for it, I’m happy to use Wizy.io’s Gmail app. It has made my email communication more efficient.

Three of my favorite features are Templates, Reminders and Tracking.

Most of my clients are mothers and events organizers planning birthday parties. When they email me for rates, I used to copy-paste information from a document file. Now that I have a tempIate saved in the app, I don’t have to make the extra clicks. All the info is inside my Gmail.


Before I send the email, I click the Set Reminder button. I usually tell the app to remind me to write a follow-up email if I don’t receive a reply from the client in two days. I absolutely love this feature, and use it all the time. Now I never forget to follow up on a potential sale.


Each email I send is tracked by the app. I get a notification as soon as the client opens my email. I also have these eye icons beside my emails. I put my mouse over the icon, and I can see the last three times the client opened the mail.

I always used to feel antsy waiting for my clients to write back, and then after a few days of silence from them having to ask, “Have you received my email?” Now I just know. This knowledge informs my decisions about when it’s time to email again, and what to say.



Snooze and Send Later are the app’s two other functionalities for managing daily emails. I hit Snooze if I can’t act on an email immediately. Wizy.io takes it out of my inbox, and brings it back when I can respond. Send Later is for when I am writing an email on the weekend, but want my client to get the message on Monday.

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The app also lets me send bulk emails right inside Gmail! In my next article, I’ll tell you about how I was able to generate a spike in my holiday sales using the Wizy.io bulk email capability.

Meanwhile, if you’d like to work better, why not try the app? It’s absolutely free.


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Wizy.io’s customer success director Apol Massebieau has been a newspaper journalist, magazine editor, TV show host/producer, essay and fiction writer, and toy designer. She was an early adopter of Etsy and continues being fascinated by how small businesses thrive online.



Apol MassebieauHow I use the Wizy.io Gmail app to manage my handmade business
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Wizy.io beats Inbox by Gmail

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We compared the features native to Gmail, with those offered by Inbox by Gmail and Wizy.io. As you can see in our infographic, Wizy.io beats the competition in 8 out of 9 categories. It ties with Inbox in the remaining category.

Wizy.io lets you take control of Gmail with Tracking and Templates. You can manage your messages with Snooze, Reminders, and Send Later. If you send bulk emails, you’ll find Mail Merge a champion. The job of managing your contacts gets easy with the Smart Sidebar. It allows access into your Google Contacts from inside Gmail. Analytics and Team Reports lets you work smart.

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Super-charge your Gmail right now. Wizy.io is the smart choice for an email productivity tool for managers, consultants and entrepreneurs.


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Apol MassebieauWizy.io beats Inbox by Gmail
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How to work faster by sending personalized bulk emails

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You’re sending the same message to a group of prospects, but still want your emails to appear personal. You want to send them from your Gmail, and not from a mass mailing product. You don’t want another company’s logo making their way into your messages. You shudder at the thought of an unsubscribe button.

Wizy.io’s Mail Merge functions will be perfect for you! The Chrome extension lets you send bulk email campaigns straight from your Gmail. Your messages will look like regular email that you tap out one by one. Making the experience better is that dynamic fields are recognized. Now you can go beyond a “Hi all” greeting, and keep everything personalized.

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Click on the Mail Merge button on the upper left corner of your Gmail. You will open the Mail Merge List page. Clicking the Create New Mail Merge button will bring you to the Set Recipients Page.

You have 4 options here: You can add recipients one by one. You can import a spreadsheet or upload a CSV file. You can also use a Group in your Google Contacts list.


Click on Next, and open the page where you compose your email. You can use one of your templates by clicking on the Wizy.io Templates in the upper right corner.

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Click the Add Fields button. This will show you a list of variables that you can personalize inside your email. Add “first_name” after “Hi.” Pick “date” if you are proposing a meeting.

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You can send the campaign immediately or schedule it to send later.

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After you have sent the campaign, you will see results in the Mail Merge page. On the list, you will get results for Opens, Clicks and Replies. Click on a line in your list, and you will get more insights. The results page of each Mail Merge will give you results per recipient.

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Click on the Send Followup button to send drip emails. You can filter your recipients so that you only send a follow-up to a segment of your original list.

To download your results, click on the button Export Results as CSV.

Want to file the results page away? Click on the Archive Icon on the upper right corner of your page.

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To take a file out of archives, go to the Mail Merge List page. Click on View Archived. This will open a page showing a list of all the mail merge results you have filed away. To take them out of this space, select the mail merge, then click Restore. Or click Delete to remove the results from Wizy.io.

Archived Mail MErge

Another area from where you can send a mail merge campaign is in your sidebar. Go to the homepage view of the sidebar to get a list of all your Google Contacts groups. You can send bulk emails to any of them. Click on the triple horizontal dots beside the name of the group. From the menu that appears, choose the option Mail Merge. This will open the Set Recipients page.

Google Contacts

Start sending bulk email from your Gmail. Try Wizy.io right now.

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Apol MassebieauHow to work faster by sending personalized bulk emails
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