Why you should create chat rooms

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Creating chat rooms lets you manage your team’s workload better in WizyRoom, the new multifunction chat application for teams using Google Apps.

Devote each chat room to a particular topic, project or event. For example, create a Management room to discuss high-level subjects. Devote a Blog Content room to interesting links and blog article ideas. Create a Product Launch room to hash out everything you need for an event.

WizyRoom is the only chat app that displays threaded conversations, so you don’t risk losing track of discussions.

It’s not just your conversations that are organized inside your rooms. So are all the links, tasks and files you create inside them. Everything your team needs to work together is readily accessible to everyone.

Inside your rooms, you’ll see which of your team members are present. Global teams will benefit from the fact that each member’s time zone is displayed.

Want to see how you can get your team working together better inside chat rooms? Try WizyRoom here.

Laurent-Casual-croppedFrom 2006 to 2012, CEO Laurent Gasser headed Revevol, a consultancy in Paris that he co-founded and built to become one of the most important Google Apps resellers in the world. He moved on to head the startup Collabspot, a Gmail extensions. In 2015, he founded from teams from the two companies. 

Laurent GasserWhy you should create chat rooms

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