How to manage your tasks in WizyRoom

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Team task management is made easy in WizyRoom.

You can create tasks inside your chat room, right where you work. In the chat thread, click on the Add a Task icon. When the pop-up window appears, name the task, describe it, assign it to a teammate, and fix a due date. The assignee will be notified of the task. When he is done, he ticks on a box to mark the task as complete. It’s that simple!

Everybody in the chat room can see what needs to be done by clicking on the Task Tab. Here, tasks are listed. They are classified by their names, due dates, sections, creators and assignees.

There is also a second view. The Kanban view lets you see the tasks as boards. Each board corresponds to a section. You can get organized easy here. Just drag and drop one task from one board to another.

In My Room, click on the Tasks Tab and see all the tasks you have across all the rooms.

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Laurent GasserHow to manage your tasks in WizyRoom

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