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How to validate a workflow with Google Forms

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You have a workflow in your organization that requires a request being submitted by one person, and approval being given by another. Say, you’re in Human Resources and you need to manage day-off requests. Our Form Workflow add-on is a great tool to help you do this.

Taking the HR example, the Google Sheets add-on will let an employee submit a day-off request through Google Forms. From there, it goes directly to a supervisor’s email for approval. You keep all the results logged in your spreadsheet. Our add-on even gives you a summary of everything going on. All seamless and easy!

To begin, you start Form Workflow from the add-on menu of your Google spreadsheet. Link a form to your spreadsheet by clicking the Create button in your add-on sidebar. To modify the form, go to Form in the top menu, then choose Edit Form.

create form steps

The next step is to determine your reviewer, or the person you want to validate the day-off request. Click the blue Setup Reviewers button, and enter the email address of your supervisor. You can have more than two reviewers, so go ahead and enter the email addresses of two or more supervisors. Once one of them acts on the request, it is considered done.

If you want another person to validate the request after a supervisor approves it, tick the 2nd Validation Step box in your sidebar. Enter the email address of the second reviewer here.

setup reviewer 1
2nd validation workflow

Going to the Advanced tab of Form Workflow will give you some more options. Tick the appropriate boxes if you  want your supervisor to be able to put a request on hold or send it back to the person making the request. Take note that for the latter option to work, you have to set up the Requestor Email box.

advanced tab

Remember to switch on the workflow in your sidebar. Once you do this, on each submission of the Day-off Requests form, the add-on will send an email to a supervisor asking for approval. (The Email Template area in the Advanced tab lets you personalize the email sent to the supervisor.)

activated ON

In this email, there will be a validation module, asking the supervisor to act on the request. In addition to Approve and Decline, reviewers have the two additional choices that you set up in the Advanced tab. They can put the request on hold, or send it back to the requestor.

validation module 1

How do you keep track of your workflows? Click on the Reports tab. It will give you a tally of all the processes, both done with and ongoing.

fw - reports all

We think you’ll agree that Form Workflow is a super-charged business tool! If you haven’t tried it yet, get Form Workflow here.’s customer success director Apol Massebieau has been a newspaper journalist, magazine editor, TV show host/producer, essay and fiction writer, and toy designer. She was an early adopter of Etsy and continues being fascinated by how small businesses thrive online.

Apol MassebieauHow to validate a workflow with Google Forms
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Form Workflow Plus just got better

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Heads up! We’ve just released a new version of the Form Workflow Plus add-on.

We listened to our users’ feedback. We studied your needs. And now you can use the add-on with the following great new features:

Approve, Decline, On hold or Send Back to the Requestor? In addition to Approve and Decline, reviewers have two more choices. They can put the request on hold, or send it back to the requestor. Our aim is to make your work life easier, so all of these actions are still done inside email.

fw - email validation pop copy

Optional 2-Step Validation. You can now add a second step to your validation process. Turn on this function and, after your first reviewer approves the request, it will go to a second person for review.

Conditional Reviewers. Do you want certain types of requests to go to one reviewer, and other types to go to another? Click the Setup Reviewers button on your add-on sidebar. You’ll see a pop-up window that allows you to set up the criteria you need.

fw - conditional r

Email Editor. Sometimes you want to personalize the email you send to your reviewers. Our email template maker lets you customize what you want to say, and how you want it to look.

fw - email editor

Reports. Keep track of your workflows right inside the add-on. A new tab tells you how many of your workflows are at in each stage of the validation process. 

fw - reports all

Send Reminders. You can now remind your reviewers to act on workflows that they put on hold. Or you can resend the emails asking for their validation.

If you haven’t tried this super-charged workflow tool yet, get Form Workflow here. product manager Mohamed Bahri started his career in informations systems  consulting with companies like Accenture and E&Y, before going on his own and working freelance for different SAP programs as project manager. “My passion is entrepreneurship and business development,” says Mohamed, who co-founded in 2015.

Mohamed BahriForm Workflow Plus just got better
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Manage the provisioning of new employees with Gmail and Google Forms

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Working in the HR department of a publishing company, Anna takes care of making sure that new hires get all their IT needs, such as laptops, mobiles, software, and access to the right systems.

She used to accomplish the task by emailing each new employee a spreadsheet listing all their requirements and having them confirm if they had received these. Once she got the spreadsheet back, she would email it again, this time to the person’s immediate supervisor for counter-checking. The spreadsheet returned to her a second time, she would add the information to another spreadsheet, where she logs each employee’s provisioned details. Whew! A bit tedious, right?

Anna thought so too. So she started using Form Workflow Plus, and her work has gotten much simpler.

Using the add-on from to get the job done, Anna now merely has to open her Google spreadsheet, and from there send a quick Q-and-A on Google Forms to the latest hire.

When the employee submits the form, an email is automatically sent to his supervisor, asking him to validate the responses. This takes place right in Gmail, so the process is easier for the supervisor as well. He clicks on Send, everything is instantly recorded in Anna’s spreadsheet.

Notice that Anna doesn’t even have to send one single email herself, and no juggling of spreadsheets either.

You can get Form Workflow here.

Or schedule a demo with us.

Apol MassebieauManage the provisioning of new employees with Gmail and Google Forms
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