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How to use Form Workflow Plus For Education (K-12)

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Our Education Customers love it for:  Field trips Authorizations, Maintenance
Requests, Purchase Request, Bus Trip Request and Many More

Field Trip Authorization: Create a workflow that ask for approvals from parents for them to join the field trip. You can send a Google form request to be sent to the parents emails and the parents can approve the trip as well as send the parents some information about the activities and field trip as well as ask for payment for any fees that needs to paid for the trip.

Maintenance Requests: A well organized maintenance management system will have fairly typical workflows. For example – external users or customers send in maintenance work requests, you schedule preventive maintenance, create work orders and complete them and so on using Form Workflow Plus. This makes the process paper free and easy to use.

Purchase Requests: When a purchase requisition is submitted for review, Form Workflow Plus Program send the request to the reviewers for  approval. After a purchase requisition is approved, a purchase order can be generated for the purchase requisition lines and submitted to the supplier for order fulfillment.

Permission Form Requests: Electronic signatures on your web forms and approval workflows dramatically improve usability. Get rid of wasteful printing, scanning and emailing. Ask parents for approval using online permission forms and get their approval immediately upon form completion.

Employee On-boarding: Form Workflow Plus helps new employees to provide information required for on-boarding. We can create online forms for new employees and students to make it easier for them to enroll to become a student or a faculty member. First, the employee completes the needed information, views the generated PDF documents and confirms. The workflow is then routed to HR for review and completion.

Incident Report Response: A reported incident is initially evaluated by a faculty member that assesses the situation, severity, etc. and makes a determination if it should be sent to an assignee for review. The department head may decide to simply file the incident or pass it along to the remediation team to handle. This process helps fix Student/faculty incidence and make it easier for faculty to resolve issues and take action.

Contract Approvals: By building workflows to vet contracts according to organizational business rules, companies can avoid legal and financial headaches. You can create a workflow that passes through the different departments like finance, legal etc, to ensure that the contract is read and approved by all the needed parties.

Form Workflow Plus can also do the following tasks to digitize your school approvals:

  • Permission Forms
  • Absence Records
  • Travel Authorization
  • Purchase Order
  • Student Registration
  • Transcript Requests
  • Class Scheduling
  • Teacher On-Boarding
  • Recruiting Authorization
  • Budget Approval

Pio PamintuanHow to use Form Workflow Plus For Education (K-12)
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Guess how we got a free ride to grow our business ? With a famous 4 letters Ride Sharing App !

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At Wizy, we thrive to leverage G Suite native functionalities to provide easy to set up, business grade applications. More importantly, we want these apps to be usable by business managers without having to bother their very busy IT teams.

In 2016, we launched a bunch of Google Sheets add-ons. A couple of them became successful , including a simple approval workflow built on Google Forms and Google Sheets.

In 2017, we got a request by a purchasing department of a 4 letters Car Sharing App:

“Hey Wizy, we love the simplicity of your Form Workflow Add-on. Can you please add these 3 functionalities ? It will match perfectly our business processes while using Google Forms”.

One month and a prepaid invoice later, we delivered our new Form Workflow Plus. A couple of bug fixes later, bingo, we had a new App to list on the G Suite Marketplace.

I am sure you wonder, 4 letters Ride Sharing App, this must be ??? Have you ever realized that all major Ride Sharing Apps have 4 letters: Lyft, Uber, Grab, Didi,… even Taxi has 4 letters. I’ll let you pick the one you prefer.

Take a test ride of Form Workflow Plus, our versatile Workflow application sitting on top of Google Forms. You don’t need to be a successful ride sharing company, you can be a small business, a K12 school, a college or non profit, as long as you use G Suite.

Start your 15-Day Free Trial


Pio PamintuanGuess how we got a free ride to grow our business ? With a famous 4 letters Ride Sharing App !
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Form Workflow now works on mobile!

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A lot of our committed Form Workflow users wanted one thing: To be able to validate requests on mobile. This is already possible for some mobile users, but not for all. Certain devices were encountering issues.

Well we know a good idea when we hear it. So we released a new version of Form Workflow which makes it possible to use whatever type of device to validate requests received through the add-on.

To make it happen, the account owner first has to activate the option by going to the the Advanced tab of his sidebar. Then he ticks Activate Mobile Validation.

1 First activate the option formworkflow

From this point on, all workflow reviewers will see a line that contains a link under the validation module.

2_Access form workflow

This link leads to the Form Workflow web application. The existence of this app means that approval is now possible outside the email inbox. Mobile devices won’t encounter any more issues.

wizy io Form workflow window

Start using this efficient and mobile workflow tool. Get Form Workflow here. product manager Mohamed Bahri started his career in informations systems  consulting with companies like Accenture and E&Y, before going on his own and working freelance for different SAP programs as project manager. “My passion is entrepreneurship and business development,” says Mohamed, who co-founded in 2015.

Mohamed BahriForm Workflow now works on mobile!
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