Teachers Performance Appraisal improved at Associated Hebrew School with our add-ons

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Brian Pugh is one of our favorites from our supportive group of education users. The head of literacy  of the Associated Hebrew Schools of Canada is a dedicated user of our add-on Mail Merge & Doc Merge with Attachments. With it, he has built a system that automates his school’s Teacher Performance Appraisal.

We recently chatted with him again. We discovered that he has optimized his use of the add-on. He has also incorporated into his process our Form Workflow add-on.

Their vice-principal or one of the two principals evaluates a teacher by submitting a Teacher Performance Appraisal. There are about 160 questions in this appraisal. The resulting spreadsheet is more than 700 columns wide. Brian has set up Mail Merge & Doc Merge add-on to merge all of this spreadsheet data into one document every time a TPA is logged.


This is where Form Workflow comes in. If it is the vice-principal submitting the evaluation, the add-on is used to get approval for the merged document from one of the two principals.

Wizyio 2

Once this is done, the evaluated teacher is sent the TPA, along with a link to a Teacher Comments form. The comments make their way back to the original spreadsheet. This activates the the Mail Merge & Doc Merge add-on a second time. Another merged document is generated. This one contains both the TPA and the teacher’s comments.

Wizyio 3


The second document is stored in a folder named “TPAs ready for signature.” The principal is notified automatically that it is there. He e-signs it, then forwards it to the assessed teacher for his e-signature.

Asked how satisfied he was with the process on a scale of 1 to 5, Brian answers with a resounding, “5!” And because we help make the  jobs of our community members easier, we are just as glad as he is.

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Apol MassebieauTeachers Performance Appraisal improved at Associated Hebrew School with our add-ons

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