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How to track emails sent from Gmail

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Freelance production manager Alex organizes video projects ranging from short films to commercials. To keep a project running, he periodically sends emails to the designers, suppliers and crew attached to it. He informs each one of schedules and requirements, and asks them for progress reports.

Wondering if his emails have been read always stresses him out. He loses precious time sending follow-up messages. He is tired of asking for confirmation that the information he sent was received.

With, Alex can now say goodbye to the stress. The app will track his emails, telling him in real time as each email is opened.  

Now Alex can concentrate on his primary task of making sure his films and commercials get shot.

If you also want to stop wondering about your emails, click the button below and get the app for free.

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Apol MassebieauHow to track emails sent from Gmail
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How to send a bulk emailing campaign with mail merge for Gmail

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bulk emailing campaign with mail merge for Gmail

An account executive for a popular online coupon company, Sam regularly sends product updates to a list of business owners and managers interested in using coupons to promote their business.

Much of what he says in the emails is the same for each client, but Sam is good at his job. He doesn’t want any of them to think that he was lumping him in with a group of prospects; he will never use a mass mailing product. He shudders thinking of another company’s logo and an unsubscribe button making their way into his messages.

wz_mailmerge_2 copy will be perfect for Sam. It is is a Chrome extension that lets you send email campaigns to a list of receptive clients straight from your Gmail. That means that Sam’s messages will be automated, but will look like regular email that he tapped out one by one.

Making the experience better is that dynamic fields are recognized, so Sam goes beyond a “Hi all” greeting (another thing he dislikes), and keeps everything personal.

Additional useful features include templates, access to Google Contacts groups, the possibility of using a CSV file, and the tracking of open rates, clicks and replies.

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Apol MassebieauHow to send a bulk emailing campaign with mail merge for Gmail
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Why 100% of Google Apps users will love

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At, we believe that all Google Apps users should have access to basic productivity tools, at a price that every company in the world can afford.

Google Apps is such a popular suite of office tools that it is chosen by 95 percent of all startups worldwide. Millions of SMBs also use it, as well as numerous multinational companies like Lafarge Holcim, Roche, PWC, Veolia and Woolworth.

office-625892_1280It’s a success because of many things, one being that it provides advanced collaboration and email services to all company employees at an affordable price.

Still most companies, in addition to their Google Apps, need to subscribe to other business applications. There are CRMs for salespeople; email and blogging platforms for the marketing department; payroll solutions for HR; ERP for the accounting department; BPMs… the list goes on.

These products do not come cheap. While Google Apps cost just US$5 per user each month, a company can end up paying 100 times that amount for a business app. That’s as much as US$500 a month for one employee, or US$6,000 a year.

Being so expensive, these business apps are deployed only to 5 to 15 percent of an organization’s employees. The remaining 90 percent are left out in the cold. They may not need expensive applications, but they still need tools to boost their productivity.

entrepreneur-593358_1280This is why many SaaS companies have sprouted providing hyper-specialized services, but at a price that may not be affordable to everybody. Boomerang for Gmail, for example, charges a monthly US$15 per user for its Pro account. That gives you just a small set of functions – email scheduling, tracking, reminders, notes and recurring messages. Yesware’s Pro package is priced at a monthly US$12, but it doesn’t have much more to offer.

Our package costs just US$5.90 per user each month. Yes, that’s 50 percent of Yesware’s price; and we offer more than 100 percent more of their services. gives you access to a collection of very useful add-ons and applications that range from the relatively simple, like email templates, email tracking, contact management and validation workflow, to the complex, like spreadsheet consolidation.

typing-849806_1280Because we aim to be accessible – from pricing to utilisation – we create products that work with the tools that professionals use most. That means email, spreadsheets, documents and social networks. As we function within Google Apps, we are always one click away. You do not need to open other applications. A major plus: Your work stays in Google Apps, so that your data is stored and protected by Google at all times.

You can find our suite of products by clicking here.

Or schedule a free demo so you can discover more about the package. Click on to this page to book it.

Apol MassebieauWhy 100% of Google Apps users will love
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