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Send appointment reminders with a click

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Peter is the office manager of Inside Click, a company specializing in food styling and photography. Every day, he needs to shoot an email to different members of their team of stylists and photographers, reminding each one of his projects for the next day.

He used to this manually, copying the information off a spreadsheet, and pasting this into his email. With Data Merge, Peter now shaves off a big chunk of time performing the tedious task.

Developed by, Data Merge is an add-on that transforms Google Sheets into a document generation and mail merge tool.

Peter will only need to make a document template containing their project details, listing client, location, time, and other requirements. With a click, Data Merge will link Peter’s spreadsheet data to this template, and then send it off as an email to the team.

Get Data Merge free here.

Or learn more about it: Schedule a demo by clicking here.

You can also use Data Merge for:
Thank-you letters
Monthly employee reporting
Events invitations
Monthly customer invoicing
Classroom evaluation reports
Training programs

Apol MassebieauSend appointment reminders with a click
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Keep your spreadsheet versions safe with Version Freeze

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Working in sales for a comic-book publishing company, Matt work on shared Google spreadsheets with his colleagues. He is generally at ease with collaboration, but he does sometimes worry about the fact that anybody with access to the sheet can change the data in it. He finds himself asking: What if something goes missing, or what if wrong information is filled in?

He wishes that his company would invest in a solution that offers access control to their spreadsheets, but so far that is not happening. They don’t have the budget for it, the finance people say.

Version Freeze will make Matt feel better. It’s a Google Sheets add-on that will allow him to save his version of a spreadsheet right in his own Drive. He names it and stores it safe in the folder he wants, in just a few clicks, and without leaving the spreadsheet. If later on, looking at the shared spreadsheet, he wants to verify some data, he runs Version Freeze again, this time to restore his saved version. He can make comparisons instantly.

No budget for it? No problem. Version Freeze is free.

You can get it by clicking here.

Or discover more of Version Freeze by scheduling a free demo with us on this link.

Apol MassebieauKeep your spreadsheet versions safe with Version Freeze
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Build your monthly sales budget the easier way with Sheet Consolidation

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Emil has a small but thriving business made up of T-shirt kiosks located in malls spread all over the country. The young entrepreneur makes a monthly sales budget, which he does with the help of three department heads, each one in charge of eight kiosks. Up until now, they’ve done it the regular way, with spreadsheets emailed back and forth.

Emil, who likes craft beer and HBO in his downtime, is a great fan of work made easier though, so we’re sure he will love using Sheet Consolidation. It’s an add-on that we at have developed. It works with Google Sheets, and is meant to securely collect and consolidate spreadsheet information from different sources in an organization.

Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 03.22.32So what does Emil do? First he will build a hierarchy, the way he would like the sales information to flow. That will look like the image on the left, piles that you can drag and drop to arrange them. In Emil’s case, the hierarchy is pretty simple – three department heads on top, each with eight kiosks underneath.

Using his own template on a spreadsheet or one of the templates we provide, Emil will open the Sheet Consolidation add-on, and launch the process. The department heads and kiosk managers will each get a copy of the spreadsheet. They fill up the parts required, then validate the information through their own Sheet Consolidation add-on. They send this on up in the organization, with a short note if Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 12.04.37 AMthey want (“All done, boss. The new red shirts will sell like crazy!”). When the department heads have accomplished their own spreadsheets, Emil only has to click on Consolidate and he gets the monthly sales budget he needs. What once took a couple days of work can be done in an afternoon – waiting times included.

It’s work done easier, we told you.

Next step? Try Sheet Consolidation for free by clicking here.

Apol MassebieauBuild your monthly sales budget the easier way with Sheet Consolidation
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