Use Form Workflow Plus across your domain

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Our users love using Form Workflow Plus. It’s an amazingly useful tool for automating approvals and data gathering.

The top use case is the management of day-off requests. Our Google Sheets add-on will let an employee submit a day-off request through Google Forms. From there, it goes directly to a supervisor’s email for approval. Everybody involved is notified by an email, while the owner of the workflow gets a record of all the results in a spreadsheet.

Form Workflow can also be used for a host of other tasks, for example, shared resources requests, purchase approvals and booking forms.

It’s a tool for the entire company. So we are happy to announce that you can now deploy Form Workflow to everybody in your organization. Use the add-on in all departments and by all users in your Google Domain, with absolutely no limits.

Interested? Email us at gilles@wizy.io.

Gilles Meiers croppedA strong entrepreneurial spirit and a love for challenges define Gilles Meiers, Wizy.io’s Growth & Marketing Director. A transplanted Frenchman, Gilles was previously with Paris-based Revevol and Global Innovation in New York.

Gilles MeiersUse Form Workflow Plus across your domain
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How G Merge: Mail Merge & Doc Merge with Attachments add-on makes assessment report generation easy for the Fountainhead School

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Eighty five teachers at the Fountainhead School have increased their productivity by using Wizy.io’s G Merge add-on. They use the add-on to generate assessment reports for their students.

Fountainhead is a K-12 International Baccalaureate school based in India. They have more than 1,600 students.

The teachers regularly send assessment reports to the parents of the students. For the senior students alone, approximately 2,000 documents and emails are generated per term.


Fountainhead School’s Report Template

The task of creating and sending these reports used to be performed with Autocrat and PandaDoc. They then discovered how much more efficiently the job is done with one single product. They have since made the shift to G Merge: Mail Merge & Doc Merge with Attachments.

The workflow begins when assessment logs are prepared on Google spreadsheets by the IT team. The logs include multiple formulas for automatic grade calculations. These logs are then shared with the teachers. The teachers enter marks and comments into the assessment log sheets. A report template is prepared. Reports are merged using the Wizy.io add-on. The add-on also takes care of sending these reports as PDF attachments in emails to parents.


Excerpt of Fountainhead School’s Assessment Logs Spreadsheet

Says IT head Chinki Chhapia, “Mail Merge & Doc Merge with Attachments has been a time-saver for us, increasing the productivity of teachers.”

Start using G Merge free (for 2 weeks)! Get it from the Add-on Marketplace.


Wizy.io’s customer success director Apol Massebieau has been a newspaper journalist, magazine editor, TV show host/producer, essay and fiction writer, and toy designer. She was an early adopter of Etsy and continues being fascinated by how small businesses thrive online.

Apol MassebieauHow G Merge: Mail Merge & Doc Merge with Attachments add-on makes assessment report generation easy for the Fountainhead School
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How does email tracking work with G Merge?

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With G Merge, all the emails you send are tracked by default. You know instantly when they are opened.

How does email tracking work? Wizy.io embeds an invisible image inside your email. The image is hosted on Wizy.io’s servers, so we can log each instance that the image is loaded. Each time this happens, we read it as the email being opened. This includes instances when the email was opened on mobile.

Why are certain emails marked as not opened, when I know they have been? Email tracking will work as long as the recipient has chosen to show images by default when he opens his email. Remember that tracking works with an invisible image. If the recipient has set his email client to hide images, tracking will not work. Most email clients do not block images by default, though, so you will encounter this with just a small percentage of your recipients, if at all.

One other thing: You must send to a real email address for tracking to work. Emails that go to a service, for example, are not “opened” in the real sense of the word. That means the invisible image is not loaded. For example, if you send a message to support@wizy.io, it will go to a customer service software, and not an inbox. In this case, tracking will not work. All email tracking applications have this limitation.

What about link tracking? As with tracking for the opening of emails, the links go through our servers. We transform the links so that it passes through our servers first before redirecting it to the actual link. Every time the link is clicked, we log it. The information is then transmitted to you.

If you haven’t tried this free email productivity tool for Gmail yet, install G Merge from the G Suite Marketplace right now.

Gino TriaGino Tria is a problem solver, an engineer, a teacher, and a student of entrepreneurship. He has been building and breaking software since he was a kid. Nowadays, as Wizy.io’s CPO and head of the product development team, Gino is responsible for all technical decisions and the architecture of the company’s products that are built on top of the Google Cloud Platform.

Laurent GasserHow does email tracking work with G Merge?
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