Create Professional Email Templates with the G Merge Plus Drag-N-Drop Editor

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When we released G Merge Plus, one of the new features exclusively available in this new version is the Drag-N-Drop Email Editor, which makes it easy to create professional-looking newsletters, marketing materials, and event or announcement emails. 

Templates made simple

The Drag-N-Drop editor is different from the original Simple Editor in that it uses a “What you see is what you get” (WYSIWG) interface where you simply drag components from the sidebar into your main template, and insert or modify the content accordingly. 

To start creating fresh templates, all you need to do is sign in to // and click on the “Templates” link at the top. Click the + sign to create a new email template, and select “CREATE WITH DRAG-N-DROP EMAIL EDITOR.” 

Instant formatting for content

The Drag-N-Drop Editor has two components: the main template on the left side which shows you how your email is going to look, and the sidebar on the right side from where you can select and tweak the settings and content.  

The building blocks of your email template

The right sidebar has three tabs: Content, Blocks, and Body. 

  • Content 
    • Columns – various column counts and widths
    • Button – add and format a clickable button
    • Divider – add a divider bar to segregate content
    • HTML – a source code box for those who know to format with HTML
    • Image – insert an image
    • Text – add a text box
  • Blocks 
    • Modular arrangements of content with varying columns and widths you can arrange per row
  • Body
    • Background color – pick a background color from the palette
    • Content width – define how wide or narrow your content will be
    • Font family – select the typeface to apply to your email
    • Link color – the color of the clickable links
    • Underline – choose to show links with an underline or not

Templates in a few easy steps

Let’s create a sample newsletter to show how simple it is to use the editor. 

First, select the “Image” box and drag it to the left. 

You can then upload an image to the template, usually a banner or header containing your company logo or topic. 

Click “X” when done and select the next component.

In this case, let’s add a text box by dragging the text into the next row. 

Then, click on the text box and type in the email topic, a “Newsletter for software updates.” Note that you can format the text as you wish with the available formatting options both above the text box and the right sidebar. 

Then you can add a divider, which you can also format. 

To add the next sections, you can add blocks with a narrower column to the left for the logo and some text updates on the right.

Now you can click on the “Add Content” buttons inside the columns to add the content, or you can drag other content blocks onto them. 

In this case, we’ll drag the “Image” box on the left side and add the G Merge Plus logo, and drag the “HTML” box on the right side where we can add some bullet point updates about G Merge Plus. 

Looking good! But wait, let’s personalize our newsletter so that we address our customers properly. We can drag a text box below the divider and above the content, then add tags from our spreadsheet. 

We can also customize the background of the email. In this case, the G Merge Plus theme is light green, so we can click on the “Body” tab on the right side to pick the right color. We can also change the font if we wish. 

Now our template is looking good! But how does it look on mobile devices? You can click the preview button at the bottom left corner of the editor.

You can then toggle between the mobile and desktop previews of your newsletter. 

And when you’re done, simply save your template by clicking the Save icon on the upper right corner. Don’t forget to add the Subject Line to your email. 

Load it up from the G Merge Plus add-on

To use your new template, simply go to your spreadsheet, run G Merge Plus, and under Mail Merge > Email template > click “select/create” and use the template you’ve just created. (You should be able to easily see which ones were created using the Drag-N-Drop Editor.)

As simple or as complex as you want it to be

As you can see, it doesn’t take much to create your own email templates like a pro. If you’ve shied away from using banners, tables, or multiple columns, you no longer need to fear because the Drag-N-Drop editor makes it so easy for anyone to use. 

For those who DO have advanced knowledge of HTML, you can format as you please within the HTML box. 

Do feel free to give our Drag-N-Drop editor in G Merge Plus a try and please leave a comment below or get in touch with us if you have any questions or would like a demo!

Leica PalileoCreate Professional Email Templates with the G Merge Plus Drag-N-Drop Editor
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New Feature: Enable Additional Column for Workflow Management in Form Workflow Plus

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Have you ever managed an approval workflow and wished you could add notes to Approved requests? Have you ever needed to take action on those approved requests and wanted to keep track of these details on your workflow management page?

As of today, you can now do this all on Form Workflow Plus!

We’ve now added a feature for any Creator or Admin of a workflow to be able to add an optional note column to each of your workflows. You can name this column anything you want, and add data to the column for each request. 

Enable notes for your workflows

First, log on to the Form Workflow Plus web application at //

Then, while Manage Workflows is selected on the left sidebar, select the workflow you’d like to manage. (In this example, we’ll use “Customer Success Leave Requests”). 

Next, click on the “SETTINGS” tab at the top, and then toggle the switch next to “Enable note column” to add a column to your Worfklow page under Manage Workflows. 

A confirmation message should flash at the bottom left corner of your screen that says “The additional column will now be displayed.” 

Optionally, you can change the name of the column to what makes sense for your workflow. (In this case, we’ll name our column “Manager Remarks”.)

Adding notes to your new column

You should now see your new column in your workflow, under the “RESPONSE” tab. 

To add data in this column, simply click on any Approved request, select the “CONTENT” tab, and add a note at the bottom under the column name (in this case, we’ll add under “Manager’s Remarks” some information about the employee’s remaining leave credits.)

You asked for it, you got it!

This feature was requested by one of our customers, and we thought it was a fantastic idea because it’s something we could use ourselves. 

How does Form Workflow Plus make your workday better? Please sound off in the comments below!  And do continue to reach out to us for any feature requests or assistance and our Customer Success team would be more than happy to help or provide demos. 

Leica PalileoNew Feature: Enable Additional Column for Workflow Management in Form Workflow Plus
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New Year, New Commitments to Form Workflow Plus and G Merge Plus

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Happy New Year, folks! 

With the new year comes a reflection of the past year, and resolutions for the coming year. Let’s have a look back at what our 2019 was like, and what we’re looking forward to in 2020. 

In 2019… 

  • Google started verifying third-party apps in the G Suite Marketplace as part of their Project Strobe which involves updates to Google’s user data policy as of October 15, 2019, with the aim for greater security for users of Google Add-ons, especially when it comes to restricted permissions. 
  • To address the above restrictions, Google Sheets add-ons powered by are now completely verified and compliant, and we are confident that they handle our customers’ work/school data more securely:
  • G Merge, one of our beloved products, was disabled by Google. To be perfectly candid, this happened much earlier than we anticipated, but rest assured, we have: 
    • Transferred all paid subscriptions to G Merge Plus, and 
    • Old G Merge email templates should still be available at // and should still be usable with G Merge Plus.  

In 2020… 

  • We are committed to making G Merge Plus the best application it can be, and we will develop our own solutions to the restricted permissions of Google Drive API (to overcome restrictions in selecting a drive or converting to PDF) in the first semester of 2020. 
  • We will continue to build our Help Centers for Form Workflow Plus and G Merge Plus to add answers to frequently asked questions and offer solutions and workarounds when available.
  • We will continue to provide support, and would be happy to provide demos and offer video calls to walk through users of G Merge Plus and Form Workflow Plus. 

Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback about our add-ons. You can submit requests via the Help Centers above or by emailing

Leica PalileoNew Year, New Commitments to Form Workflow Plus and G Merge Plus
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