Here’s the one effective tool for reducing emails

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Don’t you just hate a cluttered inbox?

I bet that like so many others, you wish that you spent less time organizing your emails. You want to reduce the amount of internal emails messing up your inbox.

What if I told you that I’ve succeeded in doing this? I have decreased my emails by 50 percent. And I couldn’t be more relieved. My inbox is now looking much cleaner.

How? Our team at is now using WizyRoom. It is a group-chat collaboration workplace built on top of G Suite.


I can’t wait to tell you about it!


Apol MassebieauHere’s the one effective tool for reducing emails
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How to send a bulk emailing campaign with mail merge for Gmail

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bulk emailing campaign with mail merge for Gmail

An account executive for a popular online coupon company, Sam regularly sends product updates to a list of business owners and managers interested in using coupons to promote their business.

Much of what he says in the emails is the same for each client, but Sam is good at his job. He doesn’t want any of them to think that he was lumping him in with a group of prospects; he will never use a mass mailing product. He shudders thinking of another company’s logo and an unsubscribe button making their way into his messages.

wz_mailmerge_2 copy will be perfect for Sam. It is is a Chrome extension that lets you send email campaigns to a list of receptive clients straight from your Gmail. That means that Sam’s messages will be automated, but will look like regular email that he tapped out one by one.

Making the experience better is that dynamic fields are recognized, so Sam goes beyond a “Hi all” greeting (another thing he dislikes), and keeps everything personal.

Additional useful features include templates, access to Google Contacts groups, the possibility of using a CSV file, and the tracking of open rates, clicks and replies.

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Apol MassebieauHow to send a bulk emailing campaign with mail merge for Gmail
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