September 2015

Manage the provisioning of new employees with Gmail and Google Forms

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Working in the HR department of a publishing company, Anna takes care of making sure that new hires get all their IT needs, such as laptops, mobiles, software, and access to the right systems.

She used to accomplish the task by emailing each new employee a spreadsheet listing all their requirements and having them confirm if they had received these. Once she got the spreadsheet back, she would email it again, this time to the person’s immediate supervisor for counter-checking. The spreadsheet returned to her a second time, she would add the information to another spreadsheet, where she logs each employee’s provisioned details. Whew! A bit tedious, right?

Anna thought so too. So she started using Form Workflow Plus, and her work has gotten much simpler.

Using the add-on from to get the job done, Anna now merely has to open her Google spreadsheet, and from there send a quick Q-and-A on Google Forms to the latest hire.

When the employee submits the form, an email is automatically sent to his supervisor, asking him to validate the responses. This takes place right in Gmail, so the process is easier for the supervisor as well. He clicks on Send, everything is instantly recorded in Anna’s spreadsheet.

Notice that Anna doesn’t even have to send one single email herself, and no juggling of spreadsheets either.

You can get Form Workflow here.

Or schedule a demo with us.

Apol MassebieauManage the provisioning of new employees with Gmail and Google Forms
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Invoice your clients with Google Docs and Sheets

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Adam manages an IT support company for homes and small businesses. The company offers services covering hardware and software, as well as phones and networks. They’ll even come to your home to give you a lesson or two.

He used to make their monthly invoices one by one, by copying information that he would enter into a Google spreadsheet as clients’ requirements came in.

Then he discovered G Merge, and what used to take him an entire afternoon at the end of each month now takes him just 5 minutes.

G Merge is an add-on from that transforms Google Sheets into a document generation and mail merge tool.

Adam makes a template for his invoice on Google Docs once. (You can use the template we have prepared here.) Then, at month’s end, all he has to do is run the add-on from his spreadsheet and G Merge takes care of filling his invoice template with the details specific to the client.

Because Adam chooses the mail merge option, all the invoices made are automatically sent to their clients as PDF files.

You can get G Merge here.

Or schedule a free demo with us.

Apol MassebieauInvoice your clients with Google Docs and Sheets
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Are your emails being read?

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Freelance production manager Alex organizes video projects, ranging from short films to commercials. To keep any particular project running, she periodically sends emails to the designers, suppliers and crew attached to it, informing each one of schedules and requirements, and asking them for progress reports.

It always stresses her out, wondering if her emails have been read. She loses precious time sending follow-up emails and SMS messages, asking for confirmation that the information she had sent out had been received.

With G Merge, a Chrome extension developed by, Alex can track the emails she sends out. It will even give her a detailed list of who opened them, who had clicked on any links she had put in there, and who had replied. Mail Merge also gives her the option to track individual emails that she sends from her Gmail inbox.

Now Alex can concentrate on her primary task of making sure her films and commercials get shot.

You can get Mail Merge for Gmail here.

Or schedule a free demo with us.

Apol MassebieauAre your emails being read?
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