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How to send a bulk emailing campaign with mail merge for Gmail

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bulk emailing campaign with mail merge for Gmail

An account executive for a popular online coupon company, Sam regularly sends product updates to a list of business owners and managers interested in using coupons to promote their business.

Much of what he says in the emails is the same for each client, but Sam is good at his job. He doesn’t want any of them to think that he was lumping him in with a group of prospects; he will never use a mass mailing product. He shudders thinking of another company’s logo and an unsubscribe button making their way into his messages.

wz_mailmerge_2 copy will be perfect for Sam. It is is a Chrome extension that lets you send email campaigns to a list of receptive clients straight from your Gmail. That means that Sam’s messages will be automated, but will look like regular email that he tapped out one by one.

Making the experience better is that dynamic fields are recognized, so Sam goes beyond a “Hi all” greeting (another thing he dislikes), and keeps everything personal.

Additional useful features include templates, access to Google Contacts groups, the possibility of using a CSV file, and the tracking of open rates, clicks and replies.

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Apol MassebieauHow to send a bulk emailing campaign with mail merge for Gmail
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Why I use G Merge for Drive – Maxence Lacroix, CEO,

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Maxence Lacroix, CEO of the Belgian subscription coffee company Javry, was looking for a better way to communicate with his clients when he discovered G Merge by

He had decided to start emailing his customers in a more personal manner. There was, after all, much good news to share. The company had found an investor, and with an expanded product line, they were set to start delivering their freshly ground coffee selections right to the mailboxes of clients in three more countries. From the current customer base located in Belgium, France and Luxembourg, they were ready to serve subscribers in Germany, Switzerland and Holland, as well.

Mailchimp was already being used to send newsletters to a database of 10,000 email addresses, but the mass email marketing service was not what Maxence wanted for his new purpose.

Most of the people in their database were companies and individuals who had signed up to receive news, but were not paying customers. “These are two different kinds of contacts,” says Maxence, differentiating between the former and latter groups. “We want to treat our clients as unique,” he says, “not one in a list of 1,500 emails.  We want to personally send news about the company to them. I don’t think Mailchimp is the right solution for that.”

After some research, Maxence decided that for the kind of targeted, personalized email communication he needed, G Merge by was just what his company was looking for.

screenshotG Merge allows you to send personalized emails in 3 steps right from your spreadsheet.

It is part of G Merge, a Google Sheets add-on developed by that offers two functionalities: One is Document Merge, which allows the user to transform his spreadsheet into a document generation tool. The other function, Mail Merge, lets a user create and send personalized emails without ever leaving his data-source spreadsheet.

Maxence tried other mail merge solutions before making his final choice. For example, he tested Yet Another Mail Merge. “I didn’t like it. It was simply not as obvious as yours.” He continues, “I like the way you put the pop-up box on the right side of the spreadsheet, and that you have just 3 steps. The email template is very well done. I like the fact that you can do it all in your Drive. With Yet Another Mail Merge, I think that you first have to write the draft in your Gmail account… There were several tools available, but I found that your solution was the easiest to use.”

He is above all satisfied with the results that he has been getting with the personalized email approach. Using Mail Merge for Drive, Maxence has succeeded in better connecting with Javry’s coffee-loving clients. “My customers feel more respected. They have the impression that I am taking the time to write a personal email. This is the main reason we use G Merge.”

Proof of his success is that his clients write back. “One said, ‘Hi Maxence, I wish you good luck and enjoy this new challenge.’ Customers also feel happy for the company,” he says. “This was exactly my goal.”

You can try G Merge by clicking here.

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Apol MassebieauWhy I use G Merge for Drive – Maxence Lacroix, CEO,
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Are your emails being read?

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Freelance production manager Alex organizes video projects, ranging from short films to commercials. To keep any particular project running, she periodically sends emails to the designers, suppliers and crew attached to it, informing each one of schedules and requirements, and asking them for progress reports.

It always stresses her out, wondering if her emails have been read. She loses precious time sending follow-up emails and SMS messages, asking for confirmation that the information she had sent out had been received.

With G Merge, a Chrome extension developed by, Alex can track the emails she sends out. It will even give her a detailed list of who opened them, who had clicked on any links she had put in there, and who had replied. Mail Merge also gives her the option to track individual emails that she sends from her Gmail inbox.

Now Alex can concentrate on her primary task of making sure her films and commercials get shot.

You can get Mail Merge for Gmail here.

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Apol MassebieauAre your emails being read?
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