April 2020

How to Manage Leave Requests Using Form Workflow Plus

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Are you looking for an easy solution to manage staff leave requests? This organizational challenge is best handled by using a workflow app. Wizy offers Form Workflow Plus as a solution for teams with G Suite accounts in automating validation processes. Here we highlight scenarios how Form Workflow Plus can help your team achieve that much sought after work-life balance.

The Small Office

Organization is always the key. No matter the office size, it’s important to track requests in a single place. Small offices may make do with email correspondences when filing leaves. However, it’s easy to overlook or worse, lose these emails. This is where our add-on can help.

Form Workflow Plus takes advantage of familiar G Suite apps in collecting requests, organizing them in a sheet, and providing a tracking dashboard for admins.

Form Workflow Plus has a user-friendly interface for setting up your validation process in minutes. Small offices may require a 1-step approval process for leave requests and we’ve made setting up workflows a breeze. Here’s a brief walkthrough:

The Medium to Large Sized Office

Complexities arise as organizations grow in size. Maternity leave requests may need to be delegated to Manager A, sick leaves to Manager B, and so on. There are scenarios where multiple approval levels are required depending on the leave type.

We’ve made sure Form Workflow Plus is flexible enough to accommodate these use cases.

Do you need certain leave types to be processed by a specific manager? Through conditional approvals, you can route requests to specific email address/es by setting criteria. This only needs to be setup once and when activated, requests are automatically routed as per your conditions.

To learn more, here’s a handy article to help you set up conditional approvals:

You also have the option to stop the review process at specific steps:

Form Workflow Plus includes a web app for managing users, subscription, workflows, and requests. Launch this on the sidebar or via (web app). We’ve worked hard in designing a web app that works as:

  • One stop repository of all the company’s forms
  • Dashboard for reviewers to work on pending requests
  • App for account owners to manage users, set roles, billing details, and workflows

Finally, no use case is too difficult. Tap into a robust support system to explore the features of Form Workflow Plus.

Our add-on comes with a Support Team reachable via support@wizy.io. We’ve also built a Help Center where users can read through how-to articles as well as case-specific FAQs. Book a demo via:

All in all, using Form Workflow Plus to manage leave requests comes with an established support community. Help is just an email or a click away!

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Marko ArcegaHow to Manage Leave Requests Using Form Workflow Plus
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Bring Your Workflow Validations to the Cloud with Form Workflow Plus

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The COVID-19 pandemic has had far-reaching devastating effects across several industries. Businesses, schools, and government offices resorted to working remotely, in line with social distancing measures. All these in the hopes of “flattening the curve,” a global bid to minimize viral transmissions and avoid overwhelming healthcare systems. Fortunately, communication technologies and applications that run in the cloud made the transition to working from home possible.

One foreseeable challenge organizations may face is switching workflows to the cloud. We’re talking about day-off requests, purchase approvals, shift scheduling, and the likes. Emails can work for simple requests but would easily prove a nightmare to track once requests pile up. Having a dedicated chatroom won’t do as messages can be easily overlooked and can not accommodate routing to different reviewers.

This is where Form Workflow Plus comes in. It’s an app installable from the G Suite Marketplace and activated as a Google Sheets add-on. Here are 5 ways Form Workflow Plus can help bring your validation workflows to the cloud:

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1. Form Workflow Plus is built on G Suite and designed for ease of setup

As a Google Sheets add-on, it takes a few minutes to setup a workflow. It can accommodate multi-step approvals with unlimited number of reviewers. It uses Google Apps to seamlessly bring your approvals process to life. Requests are captured via Google Forms which are then channelled to a Google Sheet. With the add-on activated on Google Sheets, requests are easily routed to reviewers. Here’s a quick overview:

2. Form Workflow Plus can automatically route requests based on Form data

Do you need to route all vacation leave requests to Person A while Person B reviews the rest of the leave types? Does your workflow need specific people to review budget proposals based on different amount tiers? Form Workflow Plus can easily accommodate these use cases via conditional approvals. The workflow creator can set conditions as well as assign email address/es when these conditions are met. Here’s a quick tutorial on how this is done:

3. Form Workflow Plus is an add-on and a web application.

Tracking requests can be easily done via the Google Sheets where Google Form submissions are collected. The add-on adds technical columns to easily see at which step the request is currently at. On top of this is a web app where workflow creators can manage workflows. It’s a versatile tool for managing subscriptions and user roles as well.

Reviewers can access the web app to work on requests currently assigned to their bucket. Also, it’s an easy repository for all the active forms within an organization. This way, users simply need to log in and fill up the relevant form. No need to ask for form links or save them separately.

4. Form Workflow Plus has a robust Help Center and Support.

We’ve curated articles to get you started on the add-on as well as frequently asked questions to help you make the most of the app. Our Help Center can be accessed here: Form Workflow Plus Help Center. We’ve been adding video tutorials as well to make familiarization with the product a visual experience. If ever you encounter any issue not covered by our articles, you can always reach out to support@wizy.io or better yet, book a demo via this link:

5. Form Workflow Plus is packaged in an affordable annual subscription plan.

Pricing starts at $300/year, you get:

  • 1 workflow creator
  • Up to 1,000 approvals
  • Unlimited number of workflows
  • Unlimited number of reviewers
  • Unlimited number of requesters

We also offer discounted pricing for schools and non-profit organizations. Should you need a custom plan, feel free to reach out to support@wizy.io.

Marko ArcegaBring Your Workflow Validations to the Cloud with Form Workflow Plus
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