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Form Workflow Plus is Getting a New Look

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The Wizy Team is proud to announce that Form Workflow Plus is getting a redesigned User Interface! We’re in the final stages of rolling out an update to make the beloved workflow automation add-on sleeker and a whole lot easier to set up. Worry not for we haven’t removed any of the settings you’ve come to love. We simply reorganized them to streamline your setup experience.

We’re looking at launching these changes by week ending August 21st. Here are some of the features to look forward to:

We’ve added more Google Form sample templates

We’ve created sample templates for our most common use cases. Form Workflow Plus needs a Google Form linked to a Google Sheet to run. We made this the very first step in setting up your workflow. You can choose among the following templates:

  • Leave Request Form
  • Purchase Request Form
  • Budget Request Form
  • Room Booking Form

If you have an existing form, simply link it to the sheet.

Setup a basic workflow in 4 easy steps

Now more than ever, we’ve placed the user’s experience at the front and center of our UI redesign. Taking inspiration from user feedback, we’ve put the essential settings to create a basic workflow in a single tab. The setup flow would proceed as follows:

  1. Select form response sheet – Specify the sheet where the form responses are collected.
  2. Select requester’s email column – Don’t leave your requesters hanging! Here you can specify the column containing the requester email address. That way, they would receive email notifications at each step of the approval process.
  3. Set approval steps and reviewers – This is the heart of the basic setup where you specify the approval steps and conditional approvals. Add as many as you need depending on your use case.
  4. Save and activate workflow – Once you’re all set, clicking this button will save all changes done and activate your workflow. Each form submission will trigger the add-on and forward the details to your specified reviewers.

All Advanced Settings in a single tab

All the Advanced Settings that have made Form Workflow Plus a versatile tool are organized in a single tab. Once you’re set with the basic setup, you can further customize your workflow through the following settings:

  • Publish Google Form on the web app – Publishing the form allows users to easily find the organization’s forms in a single place in the web app.
  • Responses settings – You can activate On Hold, Final Approval, and Send Back To Requester
  • Approval Auto Reminder
  • Final Notification – Here you can specify a static list of people to be CC’d for the request’s final notification or specify a column containing the email address
  • Calendar Event Config – When activated, the final notification email will include an option to set a calendar event based on the request details.
  • Email Template – This allows the workflow creator to customize the approval email template
  • Email template language – We currently cater to English, French, German, Spanish, Arabic, and Japanese languages.
  • Additional Remarks Config – You can add up to 4 remarks which would be visible to all reviewers

Deactivate the workflow to update settings

Activating the workflow would lock the workflow settings from any changes. If you need to update the basic or advanced setup, simply deactivate the workflow by toggling the activation button to the left then click on “Setup and Activate Workflow.”

Redesigned UI, the same 14-day Free Trial

If you haven’t started yet, Form Workflow Plus is a dynamic G Suite tool to automate your validation processes. Sign up for a 14-day free trial here.

You can also book a demo by clicking on this link!

Marko ArcegaForm Workflow Plus is Getting a New Look
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Multi Language Support in Form Workflow Plus

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Form Workflow Plus is a versatile Google Sheets add-on for automating approval processes and validation workflows. Because of its useful features such as multi-level reviewers, conditional approvals, customizable email templates, the add-on has become a popular choice among schools, financial institutions, and even government agencies.

¡Hola! Bonjour! Need your workflow notifications in a different language? Form Workflow Plus has got you covered. True to the spirit of bringing in features that cater to our wide subscriber base, we’ve added multi-language support! With English as default, the add-on also caters to:

  • French
  • Spanish
  • German 
  • Arabic
  • Japanese

If you haven’t already started, Form Workflow Plus offers a 14-day free trial. Sign up here!

It’s super easy to setup a workflow. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Create your Google Form and link it to a Google Sheet
  2. Run the Form Workflow Plus add-on and setup your reviewers and approval steps
  3. Activate the workflow and you’re all set!

With the multi-language support, your team can really feel at home. Some ideas are best expressed in one’s language. We’ve made that possible at Form Workflow Plus.

You can learn more about setting up your preferred language on both the add-on and web app here:

Marko ArcegaMulti Language Support in Form Workflow Plus
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How to Manage Leave Requests Using Form Workflow Plus

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Are you looking for an easy solution to manage staff leave requests? This organizational challenge is best handled by using a workflow app. Wizy offers Form Workflow Plus as a solution for teams with G Suite accounts in automating validation processes. Here we highlight scenarios how Form Workflow Plus can help your team achieve that much sought after work-life balance.

The Small Office

Organization is always the key. No matter the office size, it’s important to track requests in a single place. Small offices may make do with email correspondences when filing leaves. However, it’s easy to overlook or worse, lose these emails. This is where our add-on can help.

Form Workflow Plus takes advantage of familiar G Suite apps in collecting requests, organizing them in a sheet, and providing a tracking dashboard for admins.

Form Workflow Plus has a user-friendly interface for setting up your validation process in minutes. Small offices may require a 1-step approval process for leave requests and we’ve made setting up workflows a breeze. Here’s a brief walkthrough:

The Medium to Large Sized Office

Complexities arise as organizations grow in size. Maternity leave requests may need to be delegated to Manager A, sick leaves to Manager B, and so on. There are scenarios where multiple approval levels are required depending on the leave type.

We’ve made sure Form Workflow Plus is flexible enough to accommodate these use cases.

Do you need certain leave types to be processed by a specific manager? Through conditional approvals, you can route requests to specific email address/es by setting criteria. This only needs to be setup once and when activated, requests are automatically routed as per your conditions.

To learn more, here’s a handy article to help you set up conditional approvals:

You also have the option to stop the review process at specific steps:

Form Workflow Plus includes a web app for managing users, subscription, workflows, and requests. Launch this on the sidebar or via (web app). We’ve worked hard in designing a web app that works as:

  • One stop repository of all the company’s forms
  • Dashboard for reviewers to work on pending requests
  • App for account owners to manage users, set roles, billing details, and workflows

Finally, no use case is too difficult. Tap into a robust support system to explore the features of Form Workflow Plus.

Our add-on comes with a Support Team reachable via We’ve also built a Help Center where users can read through how-to articles as well as case-specific FAQs. Book a demo via:

All in all, using Form Workflow Plus to manage leave requests comes with an established support community. Help is just an email or a click away!

Try for free!

Marko ArcegaHow to Manage Leave Requests Using Form Workflow Plus
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