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September Updates for Form Workflow Plus and Our Social Media Presence

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The Wizy Team is excited to launch a series of new features for Form Workflow Plus! Over the next few weeks, we’re rolling out enhancements to make sure our popular add-on meets your workflow needs. We started with a new UI designed around ease of setup. On the web app side, reviewers can now display custom columns. This makes it easier to decide which requests to work on first and allows for better control on the information relevant to our users.

If you want to learn more about this exciting new feature, head over to this guide. We also prepared a video walkthrough:

Form Workflow Plus is now on your favorite Social Media platforms!

The month of September marks our venture into the world of social media. Be on the loop on our latest updates, reach out if you have questions, or simply let us know how Form Workflow Plus has worked for you! Follow us on these platforms:

Do you want to know more about Form Workflow Plus? Visit our page or book a demo:

Marko ArcegaSeptember Updates for Form Workflow Plus and Our Social Media Presence
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Form Workflow Plus New Features

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We love hearing from our customers. This latest release includes features requested by our beloved users. Our developers have been hard at work in improving both our add-on and web app. Today we’ve launched Version 110 of the Add-On and 2.3.7 for the Web App! Here are the exciting new features:

Create Calendar Event from Request Details

Workflow creators can now activate this feature on the Advanced tab of the Form Workflow Plus add-on. The final notification email would include a link so requesters can create a calendar event based from their submitted Google Form details. This comes in handy for leave request workflows, facility reservation approvals, and pretty much any validation process with a time element.

Draggable Button for Reordering Approval Steps

Gone are the days when workflow creators need to go through the manual and tedious process of reordering approval steps. Approval steps now include a draggable button for easy reordering of steps and their corresponding conditions.

Note: This feature is disabled when there are ongoing requests.

Specify Column Header for Final Notification

Prior to this update, the final email notification can only be CC’d to a static group of email address/es. By adding the ability to specify a column header, the Google Form can now be designed so requesters can specify the email address/es they wish CC’d on the final notification email.

UI Improvements

Web App

  • All notification emails now follow the language set by the workflow creator
  • Form names are properly displayed after sorting by name in the Requests->Forms view
  • Workflow Creators can now delete workflows they have created. This was previously allowed only for users with Admin and Owner roles


  • “End process at this approval step” checkbox is now static. Text for this box used to toggle to “Continue process at this step” which proved confusing
  • Translate term “A requester” to selected language for email header

Form Workflow Plus is available for a 14-day free trial. Sign up today here!

Marko ArcegaForm Workflow Plus New Features
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