May 2020

How to Get My Budget Approved Using Form Workflow Plus

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Budget approvals is one of the most common use cases for using a workflow application. Setting this up, however, can be quite a challenge. Managers of such workflows look for the following features when considering a workflow application:

  • Ease of set up
  • Seamless integration into the company’s tools
  • User-friendly dashboard for managing workflows
  • Versatile tool to accommodate complex use cases

Wizy’s Form Workflow Plus can easily work with simple to complex approval processes. It’s designed to work with G Suite apps. A web app enables easily managing requests and workflows. 

The Workflow creator uses the Google Sheet add-on to set up the workflow steps. 

The general scheme for managing budget workflows using Form Workflow Plus is as follows:

  1. The budget details are collected from the requester
  2. A spreadsheet collects the details of the request
  3. Form Workflow Plus forwards the details of the request to the reviewers set by the workflow creator
  4. Approval emails are coursed through Gmail
  5. Reviewers can work on requests via a web app

Here are three budget approval scenarios and how Form Workflow Plus can fit as a solution:

Case 1

For simple 1-step budget approval workflows, it’s as easy as a one-time setup with requests channelled automatically to the reviewer. We prepared a video walkthrough for creating workflows. This showcases the features of the add-on which are easily applicable to other validation processes. Here’s the link:

Case 2

Oftentimes, budget approvals require different managers reviewing requests based on amounts or payment types. A common scenario involves:

  • Manager A reviews budget amounts below $X
  • Manager B reviews budget amounts $Y and above

To learn more about conditional approvals, here’s a visual guide on how to set this up:

Case 3

There are budget approval scenarios that involve single to multiple levels of approvals depending on the budget amount. Here’s a specific use case:

  1. for amounts under 5000; 1 level of approval
  2. for amounts between 5000 and 10000; 2 levels of approval
  3. for amounts greater than 10000; 3 levels of approval

Form Workflow Plus can accommodate this using conditional approvals and allowing the review process to stop at specific steps. To learn more about how to set this up using the add-on, here’s a handy guide:

In this article, we’ve highlighted how Form Workflow Plus can work with simple to complex budget approval use cases. Feel free to schedule a demo and we’ll be happy to highlight how this add-on can meet your company’s needs:

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Marko ArcegaHow to Get My Budget Approved Using Form Workflow Plus
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