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Keep your spreadsheet versions safe with Version Freeze

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Working in sales for a comic-book publishing company, Matt work on shared Google spreadsheets with his colleagues. He is generally at ease with collaboration, but he does sometimes worry about the fact that anybody with access to the sheet can change the data in it. He finds himself asking: What if something goes missing, or what if wrong information is filled in?

He wishes that his company would invest in a solution that offers access control to their spreadsheets, but so far that is not happening. They don’t have the budget for it, the finance people say.

Version Freeze will make Matt feel better. It’s a Google Sheets add-on that will allow him to save his version of a spreadsheet right in his own Drive. He names it and stores it safe in the folder he wants, in just a few clicks, and without leaving the spreadsheet. If later on, looking at the shared spreadsheet, he wants to verify some data, he runs Version Freeze again, this time to restore his saved version. He can make comparisons instantly.

No budget for it? No problem. Version Freeze is free.

You can get it by clicking here.

Or discover more of Version Freeze by scheduling a free demo with us on this link.

Apol MassebieauKeep your spreadsheet versions safe with Version Freeze
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Version Freeze brings the Save As and Restore functions of Excel to Google Sheets

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We all agree that cloud collaboration is an exciting development that does wonders for productivity, but when working on a shared spreadsheet, don’t we occasionally miss the days when we could press Save As as we used to do with Excel? We do sometimes want the security of keeping a copy of the shared document in our own work folder.

For examplVersion Freeze 1.2e, Joe was asked by his boss Tom to fill out column B in the inventory spreadsheet of their sales department. Joe, being a meticulous kind of guy, does just that, but wants to keep his own copy of the spreadsheet when he is done. Like we said, Joe is meticulous.

He can, of course, go to File, make a copy, rename the copy, then drag the copy from My Drive to the folder he wants to store it in. But meticulous Joe is also a busy guy. He has sales to make, a quota to meet.

This is where Version Freeze comes in. It’s a Google Sheet add-on that we at just rolled out on the Add-On Marketplace. It brings the Save As function back, and does it fast.

As soon as Joe is done with his inventory, he can make a copy of the spreadsheet – named exactly as he wants it named – right in the Drive folder he wants it to go. Joe’s Work Folder, in this case (see image on the left).

Version Freeze 1.4

Later on, if for example Tom wants the inventory reviewed, Joe doesn’t have to lose time searching in his Drive to find the saved sheet. He goes to the shared spreadsheet, then turns again to Version Freeze to restore the spreadsheet he had saved in Joe’s Work Folder.
A simple solution to help you work smarter and faster, right? That’s what is all about.

Apol MassebieauVersion Freeze brings the Save As and Restore functions of Excel to Google Sheets
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