How to Manage Payment Approvals With Form Workflow Plus

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No matter the company size, managing purchase approvals is a big responsibility. Whether you’re a school, media firm, advertising company, or provider of co-working spaces, the task requires meticulous organization skills. Attention to detail is a must in strictly accounting for expenses.

At Wizy, we understand the crucial role of having an efficient validation process for payment approvals. We created Form Workflow Plus as a solution package to bring outdated processes to the digital frontier. Organizations gain freedom from hours of manual data entry tasks, lost email-based approvals, and hard to read paper-based purchase orders.

Here are key features managers look for in a payment approval app:

1. Easy setup and a quick oversight on request status

Our add-on is designed to work with G Suite and only needs to be set up once. Install the add-on here.

Once activated, you can easily track request status through technical columns on your worksheet. These columns also provide a footprint of the approval process by indicating the reviewer’s email address and comment at each step.

Dive deeper into the process via a quick overview of creating workflows:

2. Run parallel approvals by routing requests based on criteria such as budget amount, payment type, requesting department, etc.

A workflow app should take the load off of manual and repetitive tasks. Form Workflow Plus has a wide range of conditional approval options to automate this routing process. To learn more about this exciting feature, here’s a handy guide:

3. Mistakes do happen. Take advantage of “Send back to requester” when working on requests.

We’ve anticipated the need for certain requests to require some edits prior to approval. The “Send back to requester” feature is handy for those situations when a simple information update is needed for a request to be approved. Here are tips on how to effectively use this feature on Form Workflow Plus:

4. Not all requests are created equal. Form Workflow Plus can fast track some requests via “Definitely approve” option.

We understand the urgency for some requests. This can be reserved for specific department requests and easily accommodated by the add-on via the “Final approval” option. Once set, the request skips the rest of the approval steps ending up with an “Approved” status.

Learn more and activate this feature through these steps:

5. I need all the help I can get.

Form Workflow Plus is a capable tool in automating approval processes. We’ve collected customer use cases in our comprehensive Help Center. Here you can find FAQs and solutions making use of the features highlighted above and more. For cases not covered by our Help Center, feel free to reach out to or book a demo:

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Marko ArcegaHow to Manage Payment Approvals With Form Workflow Plus

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