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How to Manage Payment Approvals With Form Workflow Plus

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No matter the company size, managing purchase approvals is a big responsibility. Whether you’re a school, media firm, advertising company, or provider of co-working spaces, the task requires meticulous organization skills. Attention to detail is a must in strictly accounting for expenses.

At Wizy, we understand the crucial role of having an efficient validation process for payment approvals. We created Form Workflow Plus as a solution package to bring outdated processes to the digital frontier. Organizations gain freedom from hours of manual data entry tasks, lost email-based approvals, and hard to read paper-based purchase orders.

Here are key features managers look for in a payment approval app:

1. Easy setup and a quick oversight on request status

Our add-on is designed to work with G Suite and only needs to be set up once. Install the add-on here.

Once activated, you can easily track request status through technical columns on your worksheet. These columns also provide a footprint of the approval process by indicating the reviewer’s email address and comment at each step.

Dive deeper into the process via a quick overview of creating workflows:

2. Run parallel approvals by routing requests based on criteria such as budget amount, payment type, requesting department, etc.

A workflow app should take the load off of manual and repetitive tasks. Form Workflow Plus has a wide range of conditional approval options to automate this routing process. To learn more about this exciting feature, here’s a handy guide:

3. Mistakes do happen. Take advantage of “Send back to requester” when working on requests.

We’ve anticipated the need for certain requests to require some edits prior to approval. The “Send back to requester” feature is handy for those situations when a simple information update is needed for a request to be approved. Here are tips on how to effectively use this feature on Form Workflow Plus:

4. Not all requests are created equal. Form Workflow Plus can fast track some requests via “Definitely approve” option.

We understand the urgency for some requests. This can be reserved for specific department requests and easily accommodated by the add-on via the “Final approval” option. Once set, the request skips the rest of the approval steps ending up with an “Approved” status.

Learn more and activate this feature through these steps:

5. I need all the help I can get.

Form Workflow Plus is a capable tool in automating approval processes. We’ve collected customer use cases in our comprehensive Help Center. Here you can find FAQs and solutions making use of the features highlighted above and more. For cases not covered by our Help Center, feel free to reach out to or book a demo:

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Marko ArcegaHow to Manage Payment Approvals With Form Workflow Plus
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How to Get My Budget Approved Using Form Workflow Plus

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Budget approvals is one of the most common use cases for using a workflow application. Setting this up, however, can be quite a challenge. Managers of such workflows look for the following features when considering a workflow application:

  • Ease of set up
  • Seamless integration into the company’s tools
  • User-friendly dashboard for managing workflows
  • Versatile tool to accommodate complex use cases

Wizy’s Form Workflow Plus can easily work with simple to complex approval processes. It’s designed to work with G Suite apps. A web app enables easily managing requests and workflows. 

The Workflow creator uses the Google Sheet add-on to set up the workflow steps. 

The general scheme for managing budget workflows using Form Workflow Plus is as follows:

  1. The budget details are collected from the requester
  2. A spreadsheet collects the details of the request
  3. Form Workflow Plus forwards the details of the request to the reviewers set by the workflow creator
  4. Approval emails are coursed through Gmail
  5. Reviewers can work on requests via a web app

Here are three budget approval scenarios and how Form Workflow Plus can fit as a solution:

Case 1

For simple 1-step budget approval workflows, it’s as easy as a one-time setup with requests channelled automatically to the reviewer. We prepared a video walkthrough for creating workflows. This showcases the features of the add-on which are easily applicable to other validation processes. Here’s the link:

Case 2

Oftentimes, budget approvals require different managers reviewing requests based on amounts or payment types. A common scenario involves:

  • Manager A reviews budget amounts below $X
  • Manager B reviews budget amounts $Y and above

To learn more about conditional approvals, here’s a visual guide on how to set this up:

Case 3

There are budget approval scenarios that involve single to multiple levels of approvals depending on the budget amount. Here’s a specific use case:

  1. for amounts under 5000; 1 level of approval
  2. for amounts between 5000 and 10000; 2 levels of approval
  3. for amounts greater than 10000; 3 levels of approval

Form Workflow Plus can accommodate this using conditional approvals and allowing the review process to stop at specific steps. To learn more about how to set this up using the add-on, here’s a handy guide:

In this article, we’ve highlighted how Form Workflow Plus can work with simple to complex budget approval use cases. Feel free to schedule a demo and we’ll be happy to highlight how this add-on can meet your company’s needs:

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Marko ArcegaHow to Get My Budget Approved Using Form Workflow Plus
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How to Manage Leave Requests Using Form Workflow Plus

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Are you looking for an easy solution to manage staff leave requests? This organizational challenge is best handled by using a workflow app. Wizy offers Form Workflow Plus as a solution for teams with G Suite accounts in automating validation processes. Here we highlight scenarios how Form Workflow Plus can help your team achieve that much sought after work-life balance.

The Small Office

Organization is always the key. No matter the office size, it’s important to track requests in a single place. Small offices may make do with email correspondences when filing leaves. However, it’s easy to overlook or worse, lose these emails. This is where our add-on can help.

Form Workflow Plus takes advantage of familiar G Suite apps in collecting requests, organizing them in a sheet, and providing a tracking dashboard for admins.

Form Workflow Plus has a user-friendly interface for setting up your validation process in minutes. Small offices may require a 1-step approval process for leave requests and we’ve made setting up workflows a breeze. Here’s a brief walkthrough:

The Medium to Large Sized Office

Complexities arise as organizations grow in size. Maternity leave requests may need to be delegated to Manager A, sick leaves to Manager B, and so on. There are scenarios where multiple approval levels are required depending on the leave type.

We’ve made sure Form Workflow Plus is flexible enough to accommodate these use cases.

Do you need certain leave types to be processed by a specific manager? Through conditional approvals, you can route requests to specific email address/es by setting criteria. This only needs to be setup once and when activated, requests are automatically routed as per your conditions.

To learn more, here’s a handy article to help you set up conditional approvals:

You also have the option to stop the review process at specific steps:

Form Workflow Plus includes a web app for managing users, subscription, workflows, and requests. Launch this on the sidebar or via (web app). We’ve worked hard in designing a web app that works as:

  • One stop repository of all the company’s forms
  • Dashboard for reviewers to work on pending requests
  • App for account owners to manage users, set roles, billing details, and workflows

Finally, no use case is too difficult. Tap into a robust support system to explore the features of Form Workflow Plus.

Our add-on comes with a Support Team reachable via We’ve also built a Help Center where users can read through how-to articles as well as case-specific FAQs. Book a demo via:

All in all, using Form Workflow Plus to manage leave requests comes with an established support community. Help is just an email or a click away!

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Marko ArcegaHow to Manage Leave Requests Using Form Workflow Plus
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