Automate Your Hiring Process with Form Workflow Plus

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Businesses were among those hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to adapt, entrepreneurs and companies needed to move processes into the cloud to continue operations. The hiring process has become extra challenging given the economic hurdles plus strict compliance to social and physical distancing. Potential hires have limited mobility due to government lockdowns or community quarantines. However, positions still need to be filled while maintaining the quality of the vetting process.

It’s a good thing workflow applications exist to help HR personnel automate the hiring process while keeping in line with health and safety protocols. Consider Tracy, who is the Hiring Manager for an advertising agency. She was tasked to design a workflow using G Suite apps where the vetting team members worked remotely. When she found Form Workflow Plus on the G Suite Marketplace, Tracy knew she had the perfect app.

Tracy really loved the following features of Form Workflow Plus:

Collect applicant information via Google Form

It’s easy to create a Google Form so interested candidates can submit their applications. There are several ways to share the form link and it can even be embedded in a website.

The form can be linked to a Google Sheet where responses are collected. This allowed Tracy to quickly organize applicant information and more importantly, run Form Workflow Plus as an add-on.

Form Workflow Plus is easy to set up

All Tracy needed to do was specify the reviewer email addresses, add approval steps, then activate the workflow. The add-on took care of forwarding the applicant details to the reviewers as the responses poured in.

Approval notifications sent via email proved convenient for Tracy’s team, who were working remotely. On top of this, they had access to a web application where they could work on all pending requests.

If you haven’t started yet, Form Workflow Plus comes with a free 14-day trial. Sign up here.

Feature-packed to accommodate complex use cases

Form Workflow Plus accommodates unlimited workflows, approval steps, and conditional approvals. In Tracy’s case, the HR Director needed to review applicant requests bearing at least a decade of experience. With a few extra clicks, set up was easy using conditional approval.

In one instance, applicants with MBAs needed only to undergo a 2-step vetting process while the rest had to follow a 5-step approval workflow. Form Workflow Plus is flexible enough to allow processes to stop at specific steps.

Besides approving or declining an applicant, Tracy can activate options such as On Hold, Definitely Approve (for when a candidate is extra special and can skip the rest of the steps), and Send Back to Requester.

Curated Help Center and responsive Support Team

Form Workflow Plus comes with a comprehensive Help Center available here. Tracy was able to find how-to guides and tips for specific use cases. For anything not covered by Help Center articles, further assistance is just an email away via

Book a demo via this link:

Marko ArcegaAutomate Your Hiring Process with Form Workflow Plus

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