The best Yesware alternative – Wizy.io is the free email productivity tool you need

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Now that Yesware is charging 12USD per month for their Pro Plan, you are probably looking for an alternative. We understand. Because we honestly believe that email productivity tools should be free.

That is why we built Wizy.io. It’s a Chrome extension that will give you all the great productivity features that you love in Yesware, at absolutely no cost.

You’ll get the essential email tracking feature and a live email-open notification. You can schedule your emails to send later. You can set reminders and use the handy snooze function.

Like Yesware, Wizy.io also lets you perform mail merges. This way you can do your bulk emailing in a snap. The app comes with a template-creation feature. Or, look into the Templates Library that is chock-full of messages ready to send.

More? Wizy.io allows you to work with team features. There are also tracking and mail merge analytics.

Now for something that you did not get with Yesware: The retractable sidebar is a great tool for giving you information about your contacts instantly. It will also let you manage your Google Contacts.

If you still need convincing, remember that Wizy.io is free. And we count on keeping it that way.

What are you waiting for? Install Wizy.io at the Chrome Webstore right now.

Apol MassebieauThe best Yesware alternative – Wizy.io is the free email productivity tool you need
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Why we think email productivity should be free

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Email has been around for 30 years. We have a love-hate relationship with it. It has been declared dead more times than is possible to count. Yet despite predictions, figures show a thriving platform that is not going anywhere any time soon.

Over 4.35 billion email accounts exist. There are an estimated 2.58 billion email users. Every hour, 122 trillion emails are sent. By any metric, the platform outcompetes any other. It is by far our most preferred way to share information.

Nonetheless, email hasn’t evolved much since its creation. Tracking, mail merge, reminders, snooze, and send later are features that should have been included a long time ago. This stagnation has given many opportunities to innovators who want to drag users outside of email.


Email productivity should be the platform where we build the next generation of communication software.

Too often users are stuck between two impossible solutions. Either they must pay an expensive price to upgrade 1 or 2 features of their email; or they pay even more for a solution outside of email. The decision is difficult to make. The user must ask: Should I pay for email tracking and template in Gmail? Should I buy a CRM? Or do I opt for a Slack-like service? If yes, what do I do with my external communication? Can I integrate my partners in the platform?


Wizy.io believes that to create the next generation of  productivity software, we have to make email productivity tools available to everybody.

Users should not have to choose between advanced email features and another productivity software. All of these should be part of an integrated product.

That is why Wizy.io has decided to give its email productivity extension free.  

Mail merge, tracking, snooze, reminders, send later, contact management sidebar – all are 100% free for any individual or team user. Accessible to Gmail or Google for Work users, the extension is available at the Chrome Webstore starting now.

Join us in our mission to make email better.


Gilles MeiersWhy we think email productivity should be free
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Here are the latest improvements on the Mail Merge & Doc Merge add-on

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We consider our community of users as invaluable partners in building really useful products. We’re always listening to what you have to say. Based on your feedback, we’ve just released the following features to our popular Mail Merge & Doc Merge add-on:

1. Templates are now listed alphabetically.

This makes your searching easier, and (hopefully!) your work go faster.

1 templates data merge

2. A unique PDF file can be attached  to your emails.

Clicking on “select” will open a window which will show you the PDF files stored in your Drive. Pick one, and it will be sent to each recipient of the emails you are generating.

2 mail merge pop out

3. The “From” field can be customized.

We’ve made it possible to write the name you want to appear in the From field of your email. Now you can go a step further in personalizing your communication.

3 mailmerge popout


Keep letting us know what you think. We’re constantly working to give you the most useful mail merge and document merge product on the market.

If you haven’t tried it yet, get the add-on here.


momoWizy.io product manager Mohamed Bahri started his career in informations systems  consulting with companies like Accenture and E&Y, before going on his own and working freelance for different SAP programs as project manager. “My passion is entrepreneurship and business development,” says Mohamed, who co-founded Wizy.io in 2015.


Mohamed BahriHere are the latest improvements on the Mail Merge & Doc Merge add-on
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